We recommend using NoVirusActive gel disinfectants with ideal consistency, viscosity and composition.


We recommend using alcoholic or non-alcoholic No19 NoVirusActive disinfectants. It is also possible to use competing liquid preparations such as AntiCovid.


During operation, choose the disinfection, viscosity or aroma that suits you best.

Easy maintenance. Removable drip tray for regular cleaning. Quick and easy canister replacement, service inspections or unpredictable accidents.

Capacity up to 5000 doses per cartridge. Possibility to set the volume of one dose. Integrated container for 2 canisters 5l.

Thanks to natural disinfection No19, you can achieve ecological disinfection anywhere in nature (parks, zoos, trails, protected areas) without any disruption to the order of nature.

The possibility of using our 3D studio for a realistic design proposal of your stand or frame, exactly according to your ideas.

height 127cm / width 20cm / depth 20cm / base 50x40cm / weight 24.5 kg

indoor / outdoor use, possibility of anchoring in the floor

Step-on, very practical variant, no need to connect to the mains. This prevents the possibility of malfunction or injury by possible reaction with water or gel, or disconnection from the mains. It also allows spontaneous placement in any space and in combination with No19 , practically anywhere with a clear conscience.