One-column variant for places with a medium frequency of people and the need for comprehensive disinfection. Complete with a stand for hand disinfection, backlit info panel – can be fitted with a thermal camera. Recommended disinfection interval 4sec.

  • Hourly capacity 450 people / hour
  • Possibility of one-way or two-way operation
  • Automatic or mechanical start
  • Quiet and unattended operation
  • Sound, voice and light navigation
  • Simple connection to the 230V network as el. appliance 
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Possibility of design in own brand

NEW GENERATION OF ALCOHOLIC-FREE  disinfectant filling No19 NoVirusActive is a real revolution in disinfection. Disinfection No19 Our technological novelty with a highly effective HEALTHLY SAFE, ALCOHOL-FREE disinfectant filling. The disinfection frame sprays the non-chemical, very gentle DISINFECTION No19 NoVirusActive in the form of a very fine nebula, which quickly removes and destroys dangerous viruses and bacteria.

  • It does not leave permanent marks on clothing.
  • The disinfection is made on a natural basis, does not contain any toxic or synthetic substances and is COMPLETELY SAFE FOR HUMAN HEALTH.
  • After application, it turns into pure water! It evaporates quickly.
  • Very gentle on human skin. Also suitable for children.
  • The future of fighting viruses. Go through the frame and continue without virus and bacteria.
  • DISINFECTION FRAME / GATEWAY NoVirusActive is a reliable solution to reduce the risk of spreading a viral infection.
  • Suitable for all areas with a greater concentration of people. Department stores, airports, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, cultural centers, sports facilities, offices, manufacturing facilities or office buildings.